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  • How the Annual NIC Tech Conference is Driving Innovation

    By NIC Inc. |

    Great ideas can come from anywhere. 

    At NIC, we nurture the philosophy that each portal contributes significant opportunity and value across the company. As a trusted R&D partner for government, we uphold our responsibility to create and share the newest applications for digital government technology. What takes shape in our Arkansas portal one week, can then be rolled into five new solutions for New Mexico, saving our partners time and money as together, we work faster and smarter, creating new ways to make government accessible for everyone.

    The annual NIC Tech Conference has become a tinderbox for company innovation, where NIC technology service team members from around the country collaborate to push our influence on industry-disruptive software and systems. Through workshops, product labs, and presentations, our teams are enriched with the understanding and application of the latest products and skills needed to drive progress in our local offices and build enterprise-connected solutions.

    At our most recent Tech Conference, attendees received updates and insights from our company’s leading voices on the NIC business strategy, technology roadmap, open source considerations and cloud offerings. In addition to presentations, the conference hosted 14, three-hour sessions of hands-on learning with the latest technologies, equipping our people with enhanced tools and knowledge to immediately improve services for our partners.

    In addition, more than 20 individuals elected to participate in the annual Hackathon contest. The 2016 Hackathon winner was a solution we immediately put into action to “make VR a reality for government,” and overall Hackathon winners included Andrew London of NIC Digital, Corrie Moore of Arkansas, Evan Brand of Alabama, Matt Werner of NIC Federal, Michael Stephens of ETS and Ryan Miller of Alabama. Ivan Pointer of Oregon was recognized as our conference’s “Innovator of the Week.” 

    Again, we believe a great idea can come from anywhere, and work is already underway to plan the 2017 conference as we work to expand our thinking and develop new ways to build the government of tomorrow.

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