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  • Bringing Together a Comprehensive System for the Great Outdoors

    By NIC Inc. | | Posted in Outdoor Solutions

    Whether you are a government agency director responsible for hunting and fishing licensing or campground reservations, on thing is clear – your goal is to get people enjoying the great outdoors in your state.

    As part of this mission, you want people to be aware of all of the possible places to enjoy, rules and regulations, and tips on what to bring to have the best experience.

    Today, people expect this information to be accessible in one location that is as simple and convenient as most retail shopping sites. But, when hunting and fishing licenses are managed by one department, and campground reservations and park passes by another, and boat and recreational vehicle registrations managed by yet another department, how can all of this information come together?

    NIC makes that process simple. Over the years, we have developed dozens of custom online services for the great outdoors. We have the relationships and expertise to bring all of these custom solutions together in a comprehensive system that breaks down agency silos and transcends department barriers. We can help link a Department of Natural Resources with Family and Child Services, so that a state knows if someone who is delinquent on child support payments is trying to buy a hunting license. This is just one example of how we can bring together licensing, parks, campgrounds, law enforcement, and more. Besides, don’t you agree that agency collaboration is what helps develop the best constituent services?

    It’s time to bring all of a state’s outdoor recreation services together into one, convenient, comprehensive system. NIC is the partner that can make it happen. Contact us today at

    Read more about the outdoor recreation solutions we have helped develop with our government partners throughout the United States.

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