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  • AMBER Alert Awareness Day: How Technology Is Saving Lives

    By NIC Inc. |

    Today, most people can quickly recognize the loud tone of an AMBER Alert, a harrowing call for help designed to get your attention. But, did you know that the first three hours when a child is missing are the most critical? This is why getting the word out to the public quickly is essential. Since AMBER Alert systems launched in 1996, they have progressed with technology over time. Initially shared on the news, AMBER Alerts continue to expand channels from highway signs straight to your cellphone, helping law enforcement reach a larger audience in a timely manner.


    At NIC, we’ve helped states modernize AMBER Alert systems to aid the process of issuing an alert. Take the state of Kansas for example. Recent enhancements to Kansas’s system include creating more flexible acceptance of data within required fields and a complete overhaul to the user interface with a mobile-first template. Increasing the speed in which law enforcement can deploy an alert has offered significant time-saving benefits in a situation where literally every second counts.


    What makes AMBER Alerts so effective, however, is the public—using the eyes and ears of every citizen to help bring a child home safely. Last year, we launched our personal assistant for government, Gov2Go, in all 50 states. One of the first national services offered on the platform was AMBER Alerts. Citizens in every state can opt in to receive push notifications whenever an AMBER Alert is issued in their area. The more citizens that are notified of the alert, the better. That is why in Arkansas, citizens can sign up through the state website, the State Police website, or Gov2Go.


    Advances in technology have helped law enforcement reach a larger audience in a shorter amount of time. As a public service company with a culture of community, we take our work with AMBER Alert systems seriously. We are proud to offer our assistance and support in providing this valuable public safety resource that has successfully returned 897* children safely to their homes.

    *as of November 2017 as stated by

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