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  • Government That is Personalized, Timely, and Relevant to You—That’s Gov2Go

    By NIC Inc. |

    Most citizens interact with government more than they realize. From renewing professional licenses, paying property taxes, and renewing vehicle registrations all the way to knowing where to vote and everything in between, it can seem overwhelming.


    With so many deadlines to keep track of and multiple government agencies to navigate, citizens could use their own personal secretary just to take care of government interactions. And now, they have it with Gov2Go, the nation’s first personal assistant for government.


    Like a personal assistant, Gov2Go securely tracks and presents information that is relevant to the individual citizens right when they need it. This puts citizens at the center of government by providing them with information that is personalized, timely, and relevant.


    Gov2Go Learns: With just a few simple questions, users create a profile on Gov2Go. Then, all of the services that meet their needs are displayed.


    Gov2Go Tracks: The Gov2Go timeline plots all of the user’s government deadlines and key dates for the year in sequential order, and it allows the user to see the remaining days until each deadline is reached. 

    notifiesIconGov2Go Notifies: Users will never miss a government deadline again thanks to Gov2Go’s email reminders and messages when a deadline is approaching. Users can opt in for these reminders, which are written in plain language and include instructions and links to take care of it quickly.


    Gov2Go Completes: Users can log in to the stored payment information with biometrics, thumbprint I.D., and complete transactions with one-click payments similar to those of popular online retail sites.  

    By learning about citizens’ civic responsibilities and tracking them, Gov2Go allows government to deliver what citizens are asking for—transactions that are quick, easy, and stress-free. As government shifts its focus to citizen-centric experiences, Gov2Go is the future-ready, flexible platform that brings government to the citizen, rather than the citizen searching for government. This creates a winning solution for both citizens and government.


    To learn more about the citizen-centric experience of Gov2Go, visit our Gov2Go page

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