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  • NIC Makes the Difference

    By NIC Inc. |
    On a Wednesday afternoon at NIC you would expect to find employees at their desks, hard at work on their computers. So why, then, was there a pizza party with all of the employees in appreciation for the CEO, Harry Herington? Because he makes a difference.

    Making a difference is what NIC is all about. While it’s true we work every day to make government more accessible through innovative technologies and to make a difference for the people we serve, NIC employees do not stop there—not even close. We strive to make a difference at the office, in the community, and at home.

    At the office…

    How many companies do you know that pay full benefits for their employees? And on top of that provide professional development opportunities? At NIC, we are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of our employees. We are committed to their success because they are committed to our success.

    The investment in our employees doesn’t just show up on paper, it is in the family spirit of the office. It shows when the IT department chooses to have “family game time” during their lunch break. It shows when the CEO personally welcomes each new employee, even the interns. And it shows when an employee who battles cancer feels the overwhelming love and support from her NIC family. NIC employees make a difference in each other’s lives every day.

    In the community…

    We value our role as a service organization for government. That means we also feel a responsibility to serve in the communities in which we work. All over the country, our teams are giving back to their communities. Whether that’s building houses with Habitat for Humanity, sorting food at Harvesters, or placing wreaths at Arlington National Cemetery our teams love making a difference in their communities, it’s kind of a way of life around here.

    At home…

    At NIC we give 100 percent at work and 110 percent at home. Your families are important to you, which means they’re important to us. We love getting to know our employees’ families.

    That’s why our offices provide a family-friendly environment. We host “Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work” day as well as invite them to company parties. We even held an art competition for our employees’ kids over winter break. NIC loves getting the whole family involved in the fun.

    When it comes to NIC, making a difference is second nature. It starts at the top, with leadership support that is second to none and continues throughout the whole company. We will continue to make a difference for those we work for as well as those who work at NIC.

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