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  • Together, We Drove New Innovation in 2015

    By NIC Inc. |

    At NIC, we are fortunate to work hand in hand with our government partners on a daily basis building new services and delivering efficiencies to help make government more accessible through technology. Through our partnerships over the years, we have accomplished great things, and 2015 was no exception.

    2015 government stats infographic

    Here are a few examples of new services we developed in 2015: 

    • Teaming up with our Arkansas partners, we developed Gov2Go, the first personalized digital government assistant that can notify users of tasks like school registration deadlines and send reminders to renew car tags or pay property taxes. Gov2Go is accessible from phones, computers and even Apple Watches. The development of this service is truly changing the way citizens interact with government. This month, we released the enterprise version of Gov2Go, which will allow any of our partner states to easily implement this innovative service! With this new version, Apple and Android users can now download native apps, receive push notifications and/or email reminders when deadlines are approaching, and track registration renewals for multiple vehicles. These are just a few of the improvements we recently launched.
    • We recently worked with several partner states to regulate both medical and recreational marijuana. We assisted Oregon in regulating recreational marijuana use by developing a comprehensive system which regulated six online license applications – saving the state time, money and resources through digitizing the licensing process.
    • In Hawaii, we assisted the Department of Health with medical marijuana regulation by developing a custom registry program that ensures patients are registering before using medical marijuana.  The application is easy to use, stores information after it has been entered, and allows law enforcement officials to have access to the program’s database, assisting with the safety of marijuana use. We also worked with the state to develop a dispensary licensure program that monitors the quality of products from seed to sale. The Oregon Liquor Control Commission and the Hawaii Department of Health are just a couple of partners we have helped through this process, and together, we were able to regulate a fairly new industry and give many first time entrepreneurs efficient access to government.
    • Also in 2015, NIC launched eGovExpress, a service that gives citizens and businesses an easy, more convenient way to make electronic payments. With this new “virtual pocketbook” constituents can pay multiple government entities with one account. The Idaho Department of Agriculture is currently piloting the program, and with faster checkouts, a single password-protected online location, and simple and secure transactions, it is a win-win! 

    Together with our partners, we continued to make good government great in 2015. We had a great year, and can’t wait to see what is to come in 2016!  

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