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    By Harry Herington |
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    As the CEO standing at the forefront of NIC, earning recognition for what we do always makes me proud. This year, our company was honored once again with the “Champions of Business” award by the Kansas City Business Journal. This award is given to companies who showcase that they are leaders in their industry, innovative, and display a strong commitment to giving back the community.

    So what sets us apart as an industry leader?  Every day we work hand-in-hand with our partners to make government more accessible for everyone through technology. We put our hearts and dedication to work because we believe we can make a difference. Whether it’s streamlining old paper processes, taking mobile development to the next level, or managing against security threats; we are constantly coming up with new ways to apply technology to improve government. These are just some of the ways we continue to lead the eGovernment industry we created 23 years ago.

    Growth and evolution are key to NIC’s success.  Last year proved to be a solid year of accomplishments and growth for our company and 2015 is off to a great start. We continue to expand our library of eGovernment services and as technology evolves, we evolve with it. The latest example? We are the first company to launch a government app for Apple Watch and soon you will be able to get a reminder to pay your car tags, right from your wrists.

    Our role from day one was looking at the advancement of technology, determining whether we could or should apply that technology to the government and then convincing the government to take the risk and move forward with it. The day we quit evolving with technology will be the day we go out of business.

    I am proud of our teams for constantly innovating and truly being the “R&D shop” for our partners. Technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Sometimes the technology or new device becomes part of our daily lives and others never become mainstream. Whatever the case, NIC is always at the forefront, thinking about how to harness the power of the latest technology for government

    As our company grows and evolves, there are some things that remain constant. I have always believed, and I tell my employees this all the time, if you are passionate about what you do and you work hard, you will be successful.

    Thanks to all my employees for following this advice. It makes all the difference. This one is for you!

    Here’s to more great opportunities, new technologies and innovation. Bring it on, 2015!


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