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  • Making the Outdoors More Accessible

    By NIC Inc. |
    Today’s outdoor enthusiasts demand tools and technology to enhance and streamline their outings. Be it hiking, boating, hunting, fishing…there are a plethora of tools to maximize the experience. Fishing enthusiasts can easily drop a pin with stats of their catch from anywhere. Hikers can capture and share unique routes and locations. Hunters can use a game call from their phone.

    Technology has followed outdoors people up the mountains and through the lakes and rivers to optimize the time spent outdoors. This includes having information, licenses, and registrations at their fingertips.

    GoWild, deployed by Wisconsin Interactive Network, a NIC partner, delivers exactly that. Enthusiasts can now enjoy a comprehensive dashboard to manage all of their interactions with the Department of Natural Resources. Users can view a customized product catalog that shows only those products they are eligible for based on age, license history, residency status, and safety educational certifications.

    The platform offers harvest reporting, educational resources, and everything needed to maximize your outdoor experience. GoWild offers access to all things outdoors in your pocket, on demand, at home, in the office, or in the field.

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