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  • Do you know what a DDoS is?

    By Jayne Friedland Holland |

    Do you know what a DDoS is?

    It stands for “distributed denial of service attack,” and unfortunately they are becoming more and more common. In fact this type of cyber attack happens around the globe every single day.

    During a DDoS attack, your website is flooded by IP addresses with the intent to take your system down. There are three main reasons cyber criminals perform DDoS attacks to take your system down: 1)So that you incur a financial loss, 2)hacktivism, or in other words, to make a political statement, and 3)to distract your IT staff so the cyber criminals can simultaneously perform other nefarious activities in another part of your network.

    At NIC, keeping our partners’ sites and services secure is our top priority. One important thing to know about DDoS attacks is that they rarely constitute a security breach. While they are disruptive, rarely is personal information compromised.

    We have several measures in place at NIC to do what we can to monitor for and prevent DDoS attacks from taking place on our partners’ websites. One thing is certain, we will continue to stay apprised of the latest security issues, as well as prevention and remediation techniques in order to provide the most value to our partners.

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