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Expanding eGovernment Service Delivery


NIC expands eGovernment availability to the retail channel with point-of-purchase services.

NIC works closely with our state partners to identify, build, and promote new eGovernment services through a variety of service delivery channels. Our goal is to make electronic government services available through every possible means of distribution – including online, via phone, in-person at a government office and through a mobile device.

Point-of-purchase is one channel where NIC and our government partners have delivered tremendous value. By forming strategic alliances with retailers and other providers who deliver services to consumers, we have been able to provide eGovernment solutions seamlessly as part of everyday transactions. Among the point-of-purchase services we currently provide for our government partners:

  • Vehicle Tag Renewals: Utah’s On the Spot service allows private sector inspection stations to complete all required state vehicle inspections and registration on-site and provide official state tags for license plates. As a result, citizens can drive off the premises with a current vehicle registration and payments are processed and remitted to the state electronically through NIC’s secure transaction processor.

  • Hunting & Fishing Licenses: NIC has teamed up with Wal-Mart, Kmart, Sports Authority, and other leading retailers to offer electronic hunting & fishing licenses directly through existing point-of-sale terminals. Outdoor enthusiasts can now purchase Web-based hunting & fishing licenses while also shopping for ammunition, lures, and other sporting equipment. More than 2,200 authorized retail outlets in seven states currently offer this point-of-purchase service.

  • Temporary License Plates: Montana and the state’s auto dealers have teamed up to offer real-time electronic temporary license plates. New vehicles leave the lot with a computer-generated license plate and key driver & vehicle information is downloaded immediately to law enforcement databases, which ensures that officers have visibility into every vehicle on the road.

  • Government Payments: NIC’s secure transaction payment solution processes in-person credit card, debit card, and ACH payments through card-swipe readers as well as specialty Web interfaces for thousands of government agencies nationwide.

Thanks to NIC’s proven self-funded eGovernment solution, point-of-purchase solutions are built, managed, marketed, and enhanced at no cost to government and without using taxpayer appropriations.

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