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Funding for Online Government Services

Flexible eGovernment Funding Expertise

NIC uses a variety of funding approaches to effectively deliver state eGovernment services. Beginning with the nation's first state government Web site for the State of Kansas in 1992, NIC has developed flexible funding solutions to deliver online services at no cost to government. Since the needs of of our state partners keep evolving, NIC continues to develop innovative funding approaches to meet the requirements of the governments we serve.

eGovernment Stable Funding

A core component of every successful eGovernment portal solution is a reliable and sustainable funding source. An eGovernment platform is not a "build it once and walk away" proposition that will scale down once the infrastructure is funded and operational. The portal's purpose should be to serve citizens and businesses on a long-term basis. Accomplishing this requires a reliable, diverse, ongoing, and flexible funding approach over the long term.

Funding Online Government Solutions

The most popular method of funding eGovernment expansion is transaction-based self-funded, which allows governments to build online services at no cost. NIC has also provided eGovernment solutions with several other funding approaches.

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