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Online Services for the Transportation Industry

Transportation & Trucking

NIC offers a suite of federal and state online services for the commercial transportation industry.

NIC’s core services for the transportation and trucking industry help commercial motor carriers navigate the diverse federal and state government compliance requirements. In particular, companies with fleets of vehicles are required to obtain and pay for a wide range of licenses, permits, endorsements, taxes, and employee background checks. With NIC’s trucking services, we make this complex process easy by offering user-friendly online transactions that frequently combine the requirements of multiple agencies into a single Web site.

In addition to the dozens of transportation services we provide to state agencies, NIC also builds and manages two national motor carrier compliance systems for the U.S. Government:

Motor Carrier Information Exchange

States require intrastate motor carriers to prove that their vehicles are properly insured, so insurance companies submit proof of insurance filing after initiating or terminating coverage with a transportation provider. The lag in successful filing and cancellation due to mail time often creates an additional risk for insurers, who are obligated to cover accident costs for lapsed policies that have not been registered with the state. This complicated process is compounded by the requirement to file in each state in which a company operates.

To increase efficiencies, shrink processing lag time, and reduce rejection rates due to incomplete filings, NIC developed the Motor Carrier Information Exchange. This one-stop service offers real-time filings in multiple jurisdictions that benefit states, insurance providers, and motor carriers. The following 18 states currently use the Motor Carrier Information Exchange:

U.S. Department of Transportation Pre-Employment Screening Program

Making the highways safer for everyone is the goal of the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Pre-Employment Screening Program.

This service makes all commercial driver national crash and inspection data held by the U.S. Department of Transportation electronically available to motor carriers and third parties conducting pre-employment checks.

With instant access to safety performance history, motor carrier companies can better ensure the safest drivers are behind the wheel of commercial trucks and buses.

NIC has long provided secure electronic access to motor vehicle and driver-related information at a state level. This new project takes that expertise and applies it to the commercial driver data held at the federal level.

For additional information on NIC’s installed transportation & trucking solutions, please visit our continually updated interactive listing of online services below.

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