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Proven Secretary of State Online Solutions

Secretary of State

NIC’s suite of secretary of state solutions provide efficient online transactions for the banking and legal industries.

NIC has built more than 200 eGovernment services to address the unique requirements of secretaries of state across the nation. Our secretary of state core services automate high-volume transactions, reduce paper flow, cut costs, accelerate turnaround time, and allow our government partners to redeploy resources to other priorities in the queue.

We work closely with our secretary of state partners, the business community, and professional associations and organizations (including NASS and IACA) to ensure that our eGovernment services are compliant with all privacy, security, and business rule requirements of the secretary of state agencies we serve.

Our eGovernment solutions interface easily with a wide range of legacy systems and databases, and we also provide secure payment processing and comprehensive reporting through our best-in-class payment transaction processor.

Thanks to NIC’s proven self-funded eGovernment solution, secretary of state core services are built, managed, marketed, and enhanced at no cost to government and without using taxpayer appropriations. This sustainable funding stream allows secretaries of state to continue to provide new services to constituents without putting additional strain on the general fund and agency budgets.

Among the eGovernment solutions NIC provides as part of our secretary of state core services:

Corporations Solutions

  • Corporations filings & searches
  • Initial business filings
  • Corporations certificates of existence
  • Registered agent designations
  • Registered principal searches
  • Corporate letters of good standing
  • Corporate annual report filings
  • Business name availability searches & registrations
  • One Stop Business Registration
  • Over-the-counter credit card processing
  • Certificate of compliance filings
  • Corporate image searches & retrievals
  • Business license applications
  • Annual business renewals
  • Trademark searches & registrations
  • Deed searches & document retrievals

Uniform Commercial Code Solutions

  • UCC interactive original filings
  • UCC interactive continuation filings
  • UCC interactive searches & retrievals
  • UCC batch searches & retrievals
  • UCC bulk downloads
  • UCC file watch notification system
  • UCC lien filings
  • Weekly bulk UCC updates

Ethics & Elections Solutions

  • Election reporting & results
  • Campaign finance disclosure filings
  • Voter registration
  • Voter registration verifications
  • Absentee ballot status lookups & tracking
  • Voter file downloads
  • Residency verifications
  • Lobbyist registrations & reporting

For additional information on NIC’s installed secretary of state solutions, please visit our continually updated interactive listing of online services below.

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