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Multichannel Hunting and Fishing Services

Outdoor Licensing

NIC provides outdoor licensing services via online, point-of-purchase, and mobile channels.

NIC has built more than 150 customized eGovernment services to address the unique requirements of national resources and recreation agencies that provide licenses and permits for a variety of outdoor activities – including hunting, fishing, trapping, camping, and state park access.

Our outdoor licensing & permitting core services automate high-volume transactions, reduce paper flow, cut costs, accelerate turnaround time, and allow our government partners to redeploy resources to other priorities in the queue. NIC also provides secure transaction processing and customized reporting services to meet the needs of every agency we serve.

In addition to core outdoor licensing & permitting services, NIC also provides online enrollments for lotteries that many states manage for big game hunts.

Thanks to NIC’s proven self-funded eGovernment solution, our outdoor licensing & permitting core services are built, managed, marketed, and enhanced at no cost to government and without using taxpayer appropriations.

NIC also manages a national point-of-purchase outdoor licensing network that allows retailers of all sizes to sell hunting & fishing licenses electronically without requiring additional equipment.

For additional information on NIC’s installed outdoor licensing & permitting solutions, please visit our continually updated interactive listing of online services below.

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