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Online DMV Services

NIC specializes in providing online services that meet the unique needs of motor vehicle administrators. Our proven enterprise solutions feature best practices in:

  • Security & DPPA compliance
  • Public policy & governance
  • Secure billing, payment processing & reconciliation
  • Infrastructure design, buildout & maintenance
  • Application development & enhancements
  • Web design
  • Marketing & public relations
  • Vendor management
  • 24/7 customer service

Our DMV eGovernment expertise allows motor vehicle agencies to focus on other value-added initiatives in the queue. At the direction of our DMV partners, NIC supports the technology, application development, vendor management, billing & collections, marketing, and customer service requirements so agency personnel can address other priorities.

NIC has launched more than 250 motor vehicle-related eGovernment services to meet the needs of DMV administrators in 23 states. Our industry-leading offering provides core DMV & driver services at no cost to government and without using taxpayer appropriations, thanks to the proven self-funded eGovernment model we created in 1992.

Self-funding delivers value

With the self-funded approach, every DMV retains ownership of all data, oversees project priorities, and approves all fees. All eGovernment services are built and managed locally at the direction of the DMV, and NIC establishes a dedicated team to support the needs of each motor vehicle agency we support.

A limited number of online services do include modest end-user enhanced access fees, and this revenue stream allows DMVs to rapidly develop free services by leveraging dedicated local team as well as our expansive national knowledge library of motor vehicle services.

Proven technology

NIC’s technical solutions for DMV include a reliable and scalable hosting infrastructure based at the agency’s preferred location as well as offsite backup and recovery capabilities at tier 1 facilities supported by national IT providers. We build flexible and highly scalable interfaces with a wide range of DMV legacy systems & databases as well as modular architecture that allows infrastructure to scale to handle new online services and Web sites. NIC also delivers industry-leading secure payment processing, and our customer billing and extensive reporting services are customized to meet the needs of each DMV we serve.


NIC provides secure, auditable, and permissible access to DMV driver and motor vehicle records in 26 states. We work closely with states to implement the procedures they approve, and we routinely audit subscribers to verify compliance with federal and state privacy requirements. In particular, we work closely with each state DMV partner to ensure that every process is compliant with the Driver Privacy and Protection Act. Because we facilitate access to driver information but do not repurchase or resell this information, there is no conflict of interest between NIC, our DMV partners, and the more than 50 major resellers we work with across the country.

Marketing to increase usage

NIC works closely with each DMV partner to build marketing programs that increase awareness of online motor vehicle services among citizen and business users. We have implemented more than 100 successful DMV-specific marketing campaigns that drive traffic and increase transaction volumes. We conduct market research in conjunction with our DMV partners to better understand the needs of each state and then use a variety of proven tactics to reach key users of DMV services.

For additional information on NIC’s installed DMV and driver services solutions, please visit our continually updated interactive listing of online services below.

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