AVA Digital Awards

  • Commercials/Ad Campaign Category, Honorable Mention (Texas.gov: "Hector" and "The Hendersons", Texas)
  • Platinum - Website/Government Category, Winner (Texas.gov , Texas)

Best Fit Integrator Award

  • Collaboration Award in Public Safety and Motor Vehicle Services, Winner (Partner and Project: New Jersey eTemp Tags, NewJersey)
  • Performance Award and Horizon Award in Education Services , Winner ( YOUniversal Finaicial Aid System, Arkansas)

Best of State

  • Best Web-Based Community, Winner (Utah.Gov, Utah)

Best of the Web

  • 1st Place (Hawaii.gov, Hawaii)
  • 2nd Place (Utah.Gov, Utah)
  • 3rd Place (Arkansas.gov, Arkansas)
  • 4th Place (Texas.gov , Texas)
  • 5th Place (Maryland.gov, Maryland)
  • Finalist (IN.gov, Indiana)
  • Finalist (kansas.gov, Kansas)
  • Finalist (Nebraska.gov, Nebraska)
  • Finalist (Oregon.gov, Oregon)

ClearMark Award Center for Plain Language

  • Award of Distinction, Winner (Texas.gov , Texas)

Communitas Awards Association of Marketing & Communication Professsionals (AMCP)

  • Leadership in Community Service Award, Winner (Texas.gov, Texas)

COVITS Governor's Technology Award

  • Innovative Use of Technology in Local Government, Winner (myStafford Citizen Portal, Virginia)

CSO50 Award

  • Security, Winner (Texas.gov, Texas)

Davey Award

  • Silver (Government Website, DreamItDoItArkansas.com (Arkansas Secretary of State), Arkansas)
  • Silver (Hawaii.gov, Hawaii)
  • Silver (Maryland.gov, Maryland)
  • Silver (ms.gov, Mississippi)
  • Silver (Public Service & Activism Web Video "Dream for a Living" for the Arkansas Secretary of State, Arkansas)
  • Silver (utah.Gov, Utah)
  • Film & Video How To/Instructional, Silver (IN.gov, Indiana)
  • Government Website, Winner (Arkansas.gov, Arkansas)
  • Government Website, Silver (Texas.gov, Texas)
  • Websites (Government), Silver (IN.gov, Indiana)
  • Websites Visual Appeal, Silver (IN.gov, Indiana)

Digital Government Achievement Award

  • Best Government-to-Government Application, Winner (Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board's Docket Search and Investigative Reporting Suite of Services, Oklahoma)
  • Digital Government, Winner (My Maine Connection Online Service , Maine)
  • Government to Business, Winner (Arkansas Secretary of State Corporation Filings Automation Project, Arkansas)
  • Government to Citizen category, Winner (Online Consumer Complaint Filing System, SouthCarolina)
  • Government to Citizen: State Government, Winner (Online Vehicle Registration Renwal, WestVirginia)

Digital State Survey

  • "A", Winner (State of Utah, Utah)

Digital State: Citizen Engagement

  • 1st Place (State of Utah, Utah)

Digital State: Enterprise Information and Communications Technology

  • 1st Place (State of Utah, Utah)

GovDelivery Impact and Outreach Award

  • Collaborator Winner, Winner (Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP), DOT)

Government Standard of Excellence Award

  • Web Marketing, Winner (Alabama.gov, Alabama)

GovMarks Sam Award

  • Winner (Vision Certification Service, Maryland)
  • Best Awareness/Educational Program, Finalist (Maryland)

Hawaii Business Magazine

  • Best Places to Work, Winner (Hawaii Information Consortium, Hawaii)

Horizon Interactive Award

  • Gold (MARYLAND Prepares Mobile App, Maryland)
  • Silver (Maryland.gov, Maryland)
  • Bronze Award, Winner (Jobs.Utah.Gov, Utah)
  • OVRR Interactive, Winner (OVRR Campaign, Colorado)
  • Responsive Design, Winner (DL Mobile, Colorado)

Interactive Media Award

  • Best in Class - Government, Winner (ehawaii.gov, Hawaii)
  • Best in Class - Government, Winner (ms.gov, Mississippi)
  • Best in Class, Winner (Maryland.gov, Maryland)
  • Best in Class, Winner (Texas.gov, Texas)
  • Best in Class, Winner (Utah.Gov, Utah)
  • Outstanding Achievement Award - Real Estate Category, Winner (http://www.liensnc.com, LiensNC)
  • Outstanding Achievement Award - Reference Category, Winner (http://www.liensnc.com, LiensNC)
  • Outstanding Achievement Award, Winner (DNREC - Delaware eGovernment Program, Delaware)
  • Outstanding Achievement Award, Transportation Category, Winner (Individual Driver History Record, NewMexico)

Internet Advertising Competition (IAC) Awards

  • Best Government Online Ad, Winner (Taxpayer Receipt from Utah.Gov Banner, Utah)
  • Best Integrated Ad Campaing Award, Winner (Texas.gov, Texas)

MarCom Award

  • AccessDNR Mobile App, Gold (AccessDNR Mobile App, Maryland)
  • Gold Rating - Governement Website, Winner (Oklahoma Attorney General, E. Scott Pruitt Website Redesign, Oklahoma)
  • Gold Rating - Mobile and Web-based Technology: Mobile Website, Winner (Government Disaster Relief Website - Oklahoma School Security Institute Tip Line, Oklahoma)
  • Mobile Website, Gold (Maryland.gov, Maryland)
  • Platinum - Website/Government, Winner (Texas.gov , Texas)
  • Television/Campaign, Honorable Mention (Texas.gov , Texas)
  • Website Element/Landing Page, Gold (Texas.gov, Texas)

NALIT Legislative Staff Achievement Award (National Conference of State Legislatures)

  • Winner (General Assembly Dashboard native app, Tennessee)

NASCIO State IT Recognition Awards

  • Improving State Operations , Winner (Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board's Docket Search and Investigative Reporting Suite of Services, Oklahoma)

National Association of Government Webmasters (NAGW)

  • Member's Choice, Winner (Hawaii.gov, Hawaii)

National Association of Legislative Information Technology

  • Online Democracy Award, Winner (le.utah.gov, Utah)

New Media Institute

  • Standard of Excellence - Land Title Category, Winner (http://www.liensnc.com, LiensNC)

Pioneer Institute Public Policy Research

  • Winner (Hadicap Permits, Nebraska)

PTI Web 2.0 Awards

  • Winner (DNREC - Hunter Trapper Registration, Delaware)
  • Winner (Google +, Utah)

StateScoop 50

  • 50 State IT Program of the Year, Winner (Delaware eGovernment Program, Delaware)
  • Innovation of the Year, Winner (Vision Certification Service, Maryland)
  • State Innovation of the Year , Winner (IDriveArkansas.com, Arkansas Department of State Highway Transportation, Arkansas)
  • State IT Program of the Year , Winner (Unclaimed Property Mobile Search (The Great Arkansas Treasure Hunt), Arkansas Auditor of State, Arkansas)

Stevie Awards

  • Contact Center Team of the Year, up to 100 seats, Bronze (Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP), DOT)
  • Customer Service Department of the Year, Computer Services, Bronze (Local Government Indiana)
  • Customer Service Dept. of the Year-Computer Services, Bronze (Local Government Indiana)
  • Women in Business, Bronze (Local Government Indiana)
  • Women in Business, Bronze (Local Government Indiana)

Summit Creative Award

  • Educational Institute Website, Bronze (CHE Scholar Track, Indiana)

Summit Creative Award

  • Silver (m.Virginia.org, Virginia)

Telly Awards

  • Internet/Online Video - Informational, Bronze (The New Hawaii.gov Website, Hawaii)

Temkin Group Customer Experience Excellence (CxE) Award

  • Finalist (Texas.gov, Texas)

The Americas Information Security Leadership Awards (AM-ISLA)

  • Finalist (Texas.gov , Texas)

The Communicator Award

  • Winner (Utah.Gov, Utah)
  • Silver (maine.edu, Maine)
  • Silver (MARYLAND Prepares Mobile App, Maryland)
  • Award of Distinction - Structure and Navigation, Winner (ms.gov, Mississippi)
  • Award of Distinction for Home Page, Silver (RI.gov, RhodeIsland)
  • Award of Distinction for Mobile Apps/Social/IM Networking Communicator Award, Silver (RI.gov, RhodeIsland)
  • Best in Class - Government Website, Winner (ms.gov, Mississippi)
  • Commercials - Campaign - Business-to-Consumer, Winner (Texas.gov, Texas)
  • Commercials “Hector” and “The Hendersons”, Winner (Texas.gov , Texas)
  • Directory of Search Engine Websites, Silver (IN.gov Search Engine, Indiana)
  • Educational Website Category, Gold (21st Century Scholars, Indiana)
  • Educational Websites, Silver (CHE Scholar Track, Indiana)
  • Gold Award of Excellence - Websites - Government, Winner (ehawaii.gov, Hawaii)
  • Government Websites, Gold (CHE Scholar Track, Indiana)
  • Government Websites, Silver (21st Century Scholars, Indiana)
  • Government Websites, Silver (DNR Game Check, Indiana)
  • Government Websites, Silver (IN.gov Search Engine, Indiana)
  • Marketing Effectiveness/Integrated Campaign - OVRR, Winner (OVRR Campaign, Colorado)
  • Mobile Websites for Travel, Silver (DHS Travel Advisory Map, Indiana)
  • School/University Websites, Silver (CHE Scholar Track, Indiana)
  • Student Websites, Silver (21st Century Scholars, Indiana)
  • Teen Websites, Silver (21st Century Scholars, Indiana)
  • Web application and Services Category, Silver (Alabama.gov, Alabama)

Utah Innovation Award

  • Honorable Mention (Bill Watch/Hunting and Fishing License Online, Utah)

Visual Excellence in the Multimeda Arts (VEMA)

  • Winner (AccessDNR Mobile App, Maryland)
  • Winner (MARYLAND Prepares Mobile App, Maryland)
  • Winner (Maryland.gov, Maryland)
  • Winner (MD Practice Driving Test Mobile App, Maryland)
  • Winner (TN.gov, Tennessee)
  • Best Site , Winner (IN.gov, Indiana)
  • Business websites, Winner (maine.gov/businessanswers, Maine)
  • Websites Category, Winner (Alabama.gov, Alabama)
  • Websites Category, Winner (maine.gov, Maine)

W3 Award

  • Winner (Hunt Fish VA mobile app, Virginia)
  • Silver (DNREC - Hunter Trapper Registration, Delaware)
  • Silver (Maryland.gov Features Video, Maryland)
  • Silver (MD Practice Driving Test Mobile App, Maryland)
  • Silver (ms.gov, Mississippi)
  • Silver (Public Service Web Video "Dream for a Living" for the Arkansas Secretary of State, Arkansas)
  • BC3 Branded Content:  Commercials, Silver (Texas)
  • Gold Award Winner, Winner (Utah.Gov, Utah)
  • Government Website, Silver ( IDriveArkansas.com, Arkansas)
  • Mobile Website, Silver (Silver Award, mobile website, Virginia)
  • Outstanding Government Website, Silver (Arkansas.gov, Arkansas)
  • Silver Award - Government Website, Silver (Alabama.gov, Alabama)
  • User Experience, Silver (my.in.gov , Indiana)
  • WM21-36 Integrated Campaign - Government, Silver (Texas)

Web Marketing Association- Mobile WebAward

  • Best Energy Mobile Application, Winner (EV Stations Hawaii, Hawaii)
  • Best Government Mobile Application, Winner (Mobile Hunting and Fishing License Online , Utah)
  • Best Informaiton Service Mobile Application, Winner (Hawaii Sex Offender Search, Hawaii)

Web Marketing Association- WebAward

  • Best Government Website, Winner (Hawaii.gov, Hawaii)
  • Outstanding Government Website, Winner (Arkansas.gov, Arkansas)
  • Outstanding Website, Winner (Maryland.gov, Maryland)
  • Outstanding Website, Winner (RI.gov, RhodeIsland)
  • Outstanding Website, Winner (Texas.gov , Texas)
  • Standard of Excellence - Construciton Category, Winner (http://www.liensnc.com, LiensNC)
  • Standard of Excellence, Winner (Utah.Gov, Utah)

Western Attorneys General Award (WAGGY)

  • Best Website Redesign , Winner (Oklahoma Office of Attorney General, E. Scott Pruitt, Oklahoma)

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